Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Settled at last!

Finally settled in our new house and have a routine of sorts, which allows for fitness training, but as yet I haven't been able to go over to train with the dogs and it is hell! I really miss them all and the buzz of the morning dash - I just can't wait to find some time but it is so much further to travel now and I have my own hounds to consider.

Running by the sea is not only more pleasurable, but apparently training in the sand dunes is particularly good for snow running. The hounds are loving it here and they are getting better at running to heel, although they know, as well as I do, that here there is little risk of traffic as there are no through roads.

Today we had 4 miles of running, a short yoga session, then borrowed Mother's bike for a cycle of about the same distance. I'm looking into getting a bike of my own but I have no idea where to start. Must ask the bike oracle.