Thursday, 28 May 2009

Meet my new friend - he's going to be instrumental in my challenge: To drive a team of huskies across the wilderness, hundreds of miles north of the Arctic Circle, in support of the Dog's Trust.

Comments from friends and family, when I told them what I was going to do varied. The concerned 'Oh dear, are you really sure about this Claire?' to 'You are quite mad', which she then modified to 'deranged' (my Mother). Many thought it was just a pipe dream, but this week I signed on the dotted line, got my itinerary through and started running. I also met my new friend, more of whom later.


  1. I never doubted you would really go for this. It's a fabulous adventure... go for it doll, you are going to create such wonderful memories and have the best time

  2. Wow, Claire!! this is such a radical idea!! Sounds intense! Do get yourself in really good shape, I think you'll need it! You have my full support (and maybe even some money soon if things work out job wise here, I'm hoping, anyway!)