Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Back in the saddle

After a couple of weeks off, due to moving house and the weather being too hot for the dogs, this morning was GLORIOUS! The start is later now, as it doesn't get light in East Anglia till 5ish and having a lie in was a bonus. The big excitement of the day was that little Flint is now running in harness for the last few turns of the trail. Ali and I walked him to the meeting point, whilst Sal took the team out and we waited, Flint ears pricked and waiting for them. As they approached he almost started to run but Ali held him back and we got him onto the line with the most experienced and friendly team.

He is a total natural and the Girls are obviously delighted with his desire to pull. He had been with the team once before and so knew what to do, but had not had to make any turns, he was nudged by his teammate, Cub, and soon had the hang of what to do. He flopped down exhausted for about 2 seconds when we got back to the truck, had a glass of water, and then was demanding to go out again!

The sun rose over the forest the sky turned apricot and the mist lifted, revealing the Norfolk skies, it going to be a great day. I must bring my camera nest time as once we have moved it will be hard to train with the Girls as often, it'll be a long drive. Off to the Suffolk coast now to deal with legal stuff and get some cycling in.

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