Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I feel the need for some technology to help to inject some much needed new energy into my training regime and so I started with a couple of apps to encourage me on the runs: a distance meter and a pedometer. The pedometer is great and really helps me to plan new runs, now that some tracks are too wet, but the distance meter didn't like this part of the world and claimed that I had only run 0.19 miles - rubbish!

The biggest breakthrough was my new sounds though, normally I don't like to run with an iPod but I am ashamed to admit that I now have 'Men's Health playlist - mixed by Judge Jules' - it's actually just a continuous stream of dance tracks, for an hour. It keeps me going till I've finished the exercises at home too, I think I might suggest it to Mark - our circuit training instructor - as he threatened to take out the Christmas mix on Tuesday... please God, no.

Next stop Nike + trainers and sensor, then I'd really have some motivation!


  1. Of course, buying exercise related technology is a sure-fire indicator that you're not actually *doing* any exercise:

  2. OK - point taken, but these bloody old summer trainers don't half let the snow in!