Saturday, 28 November 2009

Week off training

We were both off colour this week - either a lurgie which we managed to fight off or a result of the wind being in the wrong direction and blowing the boiler fumes back into the house... either way the nausea didn't make for a good week on the training front. I'm 99% now so back to the running tomorrow. Mertz is away on one of his walks this weekend, so the girls and I can go off for an adventure in the morning.

I'm missing the huskies - I must try to find a day when I can join them soon.

Mother found another balaclava today and also bought a brilliant beanie at an Aplaca farm - it's very, very warm. In fact it has been very cold on the coast today due to wind chill, so I test drove the merino thermals and yes, they do do what it says on the box, they are WARM.

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