Thursday, 5 November 2009

Postcards arrived

Postcards designed by my official sponsor arrived today, via MOO cards, they are really efficient and Rob's done a fantastic job, made me feel quite proud when I saw them.

In an effort to keep the training up and deliver cards I did so at a run, around the village, and distributed the first pack in about 40 minutes. In a village like this it's often hard to know which houses are holiday homes and so I asked a couple of local oracles and worked on Hazel's maxim that if there is a car outside, then someone's there. Slightly embarrassingly I bumped into people I knew, but was able to help one couple load a bookshelf into a truck, which made me feel less guilty about handing them a 'begging card'. Another couple, who are raising funds for the Cystic Fibrosis charity were keen to take books, which I had not sold at the boot sale - they have a really good bookstall which is on the road down to the river in Walberswick, if ever you are passing and the weather is fine, you are bound to find something interesting there.

The village shop team have been wonderful and the governors have already, very kindly, made a donation as well as allowing me to have a collection envelope behind the counter. The staff have been so encouraging too, and have displayed one of the cards in pride of place. The Anchor Pub has also offered to display a poster and I hope they will take a collecting envelope too.

I'm getting carried away with the whole idea and thinking t-shirts, flags, hats, mittens - all branded verycold, perhaps that's over doing it... stop me please

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  1. Hi Claire!

    Oh I'm all for it!! t-shirts etc. In fact I will do a prototype and wear it around. If that's alright with you. Great advertising :-) I will tell people all about what you're doing. They'll be interested I think. And Pashka's picture will tug at people's hearts. I'm thinking a blue shirt. The colour of Pashka's eyes.