Monday, 2 November 2009

Fundraising starting in earnest

Last weekend the fundraising began in earnest with a car boot sale, raising £155, lots of lovely people just came and gave me a quid once they knew that it was all going to the Dog's Trust, but I really must get myself organised with a proper t-shirt, poster etc next time. It was interesting to see what sold and I was most surprised about selling a load of old gauges from my Father's workshop, as I was unpacking the Landrover. A couple of people asked if the Landrover was for sale - probably would have raised the total if I had sold her.

This weekend my official sponsor helped me to design a postcard and buy the domain name so now I feel ready to start asking for support to get the necessary funds in for Christmas, otherwise it'll be no presents for anyone...

Lots of people have been very generous so far and will be getting big thanks.

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