Monday, 23 November 2009

Fundraising update

I'm delighted to say that I've hit the £2000 mark, 60% of the way there - THANK YOU!

My Mother has been amazingly generous in my Father's name and I am so very touched that the money that she has raised from selling his engineering equipment has helped me to reach this target, he's still supporting me and/or bailing me out, even though he's been dead for a year now...

Also thanks so much to Harry and Inga Edwards, John Ormerod and my dear friend Lindsey Gray, who has always felt the need to set a good example to her kids, our godsons: 

I still think you're fucking mad. I paid extra so I could swear.Donation by Lindsey Gray 23/11/09 
£50.00+ £14.10 Gift Aid

Now the task of sourcing all the equipment starts. Underwear I'm buying, but everything else is beg, steal or borrow. The outdoor shop in Norwich is having a sale so I snapped up some merino wool undies - not attractive in any way whatsoever, but very, very warm, even the fact that the box says WARM on the front fills me with reassurance. No-one I am likely to see at any time outside the Arctic shall see me in them however.
I couldn't believe my luck when I met someone at a party on Saturday night who had been to Iceland recently and had to buy some  -60 kit, which she is going to lend me, in return for my knitting one of my strange neck garments for her. This is a relief as I tried on some neoprene face masks (on my kit list) in the outdoor shop and they are the most uncomfortable things I've ever worn, so I don't really relish splashing out on one.


  1. Woolly knickers ? And you're pulling me up for swearing ? I think it's clear just which one of us needs a reality check...

    And I've taken the bold step of spelling my name with a D in the middle. I checked my birth certificate, and there it was.