Friday, 19 November 2010

Thanks for getting us over the £1000 (including Gift Aid)

Only another £19,000 to go! It's wonderful to know that we have support in our 'totally mad' adventure (according to some neighbours who I just met on my evening dog walk). It can be hard to imagine that we can raise so much, but I remember being so daunted last time I started and look where that ended up. I know we can do it and it's much more fun trying with a group of friends rather than on my own.

I'm waiting to hear if our applications for corporate sponsorship so far have come off and the one I'm most positive about is as even if they decide we are not right for them, I hope they'll at least send us some of their delicious products as I am an addict, and they will be great for the trip.

But so far - HUGE thanks go to:

18.11.10 What an amazing challenge Laura - I really admire (and envy you) for it

15.11.10 From Wendy Longman

15.11.10 Mark's collecting tin

15.11.10 Good luck guys - and don't forget the thermals! Ax


14.09.10 You're going to have to be very creative with the fund-raising ideas. Another fab adventure! Much love from me and Spikey

14.09.10 Personally I'd go to the North Pole and back again to get away from Mertz so it looks like remarkably good value.

11.09.10 Amazing stuff, but isn't it an extreme way of getting away from Mr Merttens??? Good luck and warm hugs!

10.09.10 Sounds like a great adventure! Good luck and have fun! Andrew

10.09.10 Best of luck, sounds good fun

10.09.10 Deep respect to you, the "huts" were a lifeline for me last year, so the thought of being so far off the beaten track is not for me :) Wishing you every success!

24.08.10 First online donation, makes up for me forgetting my £1.

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