Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Training set backs

I had such good intentions, having had a week of little physical exertion I'd got a chart ready for this week with distance objectives on the running, new trainers planned for the end of the week when I get paid, and dips in the sea everyday. On Friday we had a wonderful evening at the British Larder, on Saturday Anna took me to see Akram Khan's Vertical Road and then on Sunday I woke up with double vision. I tried to ignore it, thinking it may just have been a result of the strobe lights on Saturday night, but even after pint at lunchtime it didn't get any better and by the evening it was pretty clear that something was wrong with my eye.

Having had some bones taken out of my head a couple of years ago I need to be a bit careful about infections, so on Monday morning I introduced myself to my GP (we'd never met) and he sent me to hospital. No running then... The hospital people were brilliant, and having sent me for CT scans and poked about at my head for a bit they established that the infection wasn't causing a bleed on my brain - which was what they were looking for. 

The specialist was determined to get blood tests to check the infection and when he realised that the blood test people had gone home he rolled up his sleeves and set about me with a needle, it was only when he started tying the elastic strap into a knot (it has a fastener) that I realised he wasn't joking when he said he hadn't taken blood since medical school. He got a real ticking off from the nurse who walked in and found him gloveless and wandering about with a couple of tubes full of my blood with no labels. Still this meant I was allowed home as apparently I was 'far too well to put into a bed'. Poor old Mertz had to drive around for hours as he can't bear hospitals and I didn't get out till about 6.30. 

The swelling continued to get worse even after I'd started on the antibiotics and at about 5am this morning the infection peaked, sending me a bit delirious but at least it was the beginning of the upward journey. Still, no running and I missed Marks' classes as I had to get straight back to the clinic today to make sure it was all subsiding. I'm going to be sensible and rest for another day, I have to go back to the hospital on Thursday for the all clear, then I can start again with my plan: 

Friday: Run 45mins
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: swim in the sea and yoga practice
Monday: Run 45 minutes
Tuesday: Step and Circuits
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: Run 45 minutes and cycle to Dunwich

Then just as I was leaving hospital this afternoon I got an email from Gaynor, who had also just left hospital! She's been in Sweden for 3 days with Milos, getting ready for race season and she's taken a tumble, rather a nasty one. She came off a sled and she's not absolutely sure what the full extent of the damage is but she's torn a ligament and damaged the cartilage in her knee. She's on crutches so not on a sled... What a nightmare - poooor Gaynor. Thinking of you Lovely, get better soon.

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