Wednesday, 5 January 2011

99 days to go

Scary or exciting...? I can't quite work it out.

We need to start raising some serious funds now that the holiday season is over as our total is currently only £1,355. We want to make it a grand total of £20,000. Whilst we still have 99 days to do that we need to get to the £7,200 mark by February to ensure that all the costs are covered.

So here's the link, incase anyone reading this is inclined to help:

In the mean time it means that tomorrow, when I give a talk to a local group, I can actually say "We are going to the Arctic THIS year"! I have to say that I am a little frightened as although it is only a local event, and I will know 50% of those attending, they are a formidable bunch here. Many of them are very used to pubic speaking and the standard of speakers  over the years is rather intimidating, still I can only do what I can do....

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