Monday, 27 July 2009

Blogging again

I've been rubbish at this recently, probably because I don't feel that i am progressing enough, especially in the light of watching 'On Thin Ice' over the last couple of weeks, but actually I'm doing better now, so they have become an inspiration. As Red says: my metaphoric distance is long!

Generally the running is getting much better and I no longer feel any aches and pains on the morning run, which varies between 2 and 4 miles now. I'm aiming for 5 miles a day next week, once I can work out a road free route for my dogs. I'm going to have to get some heavier weights as the 3 kg ones I have are no longer a challenge and I keep flinging them about, so I suppose that's a good sign. The whole press up thing is sorted and I am doing 3 x 12 each morning after my run. Cutting down on food was going quite well last week, but the weekend went a bit pear shaped after watching Rick Stein and having to try the duck braised in orange juice etc...

Sheyne gave me courage as well, thanks Sheyne, by taking up yoga, having listened to me blah-ing on about it, so my morning sun salutations have begun anew.

I'm looking forward to training with the Girls this week, in the hope that this weather will turn a bit dryer as it should be nice and cool for the huskies. I've learned how to harness and attach them to the line, as well as releasing the line although I am still a bit nervous of getting it wrong as the consequences could be dire, but I've got the hang of the rest of the routine: watering, face cleaning, feeding, removing harnesses and getting them back into the truck.

Hoping for a dry morning of training tomorrow.

I've been really encouraged by the fact that some people have already sponsored me, and I still have 7 months to go, thanks guys, much appreciated.

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