Thursday, 2 July 2009

We're having a heatwave

This weather is not good for large, hairy, excitable dogs, and so the huskies are having a little break until the weather cools down, even at 3.30am temperatures are in double figures and it has been very humid in the forest too. I spoke to Ali again yesterday and she had taken the puppy to the Norfolk show, he got second place, but they had to spend all the time in the shade with lots of other hot dogs. Apparently the pack are going out for playtime really early, digging holes and charging about, and then just resting in the shade, that is the great thing about their home being in the forest - lots of shade.

My personal training has hit a small obstacle too. I won't be running or doing any yoga that involves lying down for a couple of days as I had a little tumble yesterday resulting in a deep bruise and a bit of a pain in my arse - as my Mother agrees, it's better than my being a pain in the arse. It was as a result of trying to load a very large bench into the back of my ancient Landrover, some friends were holding one end as I climbed inside to guide it in but as they pushed I got sandwiched between the bench and a metal bar with my foot trapped. It hurt - a lot. If my arse wasn't so large I would probably be able to run today, but it bounces up and down - which hurts.
Not pretty either.

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