Monday, 18 January 2010

Husky racing

I've just heard from The Girls and they are doing really, really well. Sally's 6 dog team has won 4 out of 7 races so far and she says that at the last race they would have won both days, but the race had to be stopped half way through due to the three wheeler rigs slipping and sliding all over the place - there were several accidents. One of her main competitors, Caroline Kisko broke her collar bone but was otherwise ok, luckily, and her dogs were fine too. Those on the heavier and much more stable 4 wheel rigs had no problems at all. Sally had clean runs both days and says there was "never had a scary moment". That's from Sally's perspective of course... the woman is in control!

I couldn't get to support them due to the weather, but judging by some of these shots, the dogs are loving the snow. Hoping to be there in February to watch the next heats and cheer them on.

 Having second thoughts about buying a normal bike!

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  1. the dogs look like they're lovin' it, esp in the head-on shot