Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Minimum fundraising target achieved

With the generous support which I have received over the last few months I am so happy that I've reached my minimum target and am on my way to the £4000 mark. It's not just the money which has kept me going though, it's the input from friends and family, helping me with designing postcards, providing me with warm clothes, sleeping bag liners, magic travel towels, and other delights plus the encouragement to keep the fitness levels up.

Next week I'm going to dye my hair white and run around the local villages and towns with my bucket to see if I can make the £4000 before I leave. I've still got a couple of pledges to call in too, but I mustn't count my chickens...

1 comment:

  1. just found your blog from the flickr link - not sure if you're on the same trip in Feb (12th) as me, but look forward to catching up on all your posts later!
    Well done on getting to the £3k, I've just managed it too, such a relief, won't be running round with a collecting box though :)