Monday, 25 October 2010

Training and fundraising to start this week

This week we are all due to get together to start fundraising with our Children's Activity days and a meeting with Gaynor. It's all very real now and I started the week as I mean to go on with a swim in the North sea, just as the sun was coming up.

This was my view as I walked back from the beach and the rays warmed my slightly battered back (a large wave had caught me unawares as I was coming out of the sea and being distracted by my barking hounds).

I can't wait to get us all together for the first time, despite there being a disappointing number of bookings for the activity day. Maybe Half Term isn't the best time to plan these things. Andy has done sterling work getting it all ready, even training me in the dark art of the Dance Mat - hardly dancing, more like a physical computer game: So I really hope we fill up in the last few days before our first one on Thursday. A local radio station has offered to promote it today, so fingers crossed.

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