Saturday, 26 March 2011

Busy day, short night's sleep - time for a siesta?

Last night was spent under the stars on my camp bed in order to start acclimatizing myself to sleeping bag sleep. It was lovely and toasty and much quieter than it was in the bedroom. Since cracking a rib Mertz has had to sleep on his back, resulting in the kind of snoring that could wake the dead, so I may be out there every night till he's fixed!
I did attempt getting into bed a t dawn when the dew started to settle but ended up dozing downstairs with the dogs till it was time for a swim. Really windy today and the sea had whipped up so we didn't stay in for long, especially as I had to get off to Mark's fundraiser.

He has a day running today at the local fitness centre Bannatynes, with people taking part in classes, rowing as far as they can, running marathons etc all to raise funds and awareness. Loads of willing and fit people turned up this morning, but:

Mark was rather crestfallen that he was the only one to arrive in fancy dress, which was on the ticket - still we all had a laugh as our very own Peter Pan (wishful thinking Mark?) got the day going with a circuit class.

This evening brings huge excitement to me and a small group of friends who have become irrationally obsessed with Danish Crime Drama "The Killing", after 9 weeks of twists and turns, red herrings and shock plots we have the final 2 episodes tonight. We will gather (in our Lund Sweaters) for a scandinavian feast which is cooking as I type, prepared by Astrid, our most expert Scandi. When I called in with the salmon this afternoon the smells coming from the stove were almost enough to make me forget about the tragedy of last week's episode. There will be tear tonight no doubt as we hope to finally discover who did what to whom and why. There are so many theories that I feel a sweepstake coming on.
RIP Jan Meyer

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