Monday, 14 March 2011

This time in exactly a month...

we'll be setting off on our adventure!

Time has really flown and it has accelerated dramatically in the last month, in February it all seemed so far away, but now that I'm having to think about the last fundraising push before we go and starting to put together my kit list, first aid and sorting out timings for getting three of us to Heathrow it's suddenly very real.

The training needs to pick up in these last few weeks and I'm actually really enjoying swimming in the sea as often as possible in the mornings, I never thought that would be the case, but I need to make time for some longer runs and strength training sessions. This glorious weather we've been having helps with that as it's sunrise at about 6.20 now and getting up earlier isn't a chore.

There are more talks at schools in the pipeline and I'm hoping that they will also allow the children to support us with no uniform days as a result, the last one raised £240.  Fundraising is paramount at this stage and the villagers have been great recently, putting another £50 in my collecting tin. Whilst we can carry on once we are back we are also holding events over the next couple of weekends and I now have some large banners and flyers from EACH to show our support.

It's all a bit full on and I have to admit to having the fear. This could be because I've been a little poorly over the weekend but I really have started to wake up with butterflies. It's not just excitement it's trepidation. Last time I ventured out into the Arctic wastes I didn't know what to expect and I was not responsible for any aspect of the trip other than ensuring I was fit enough to do it. This time I feel personally responsible as I've persuaded friends to come with me and we are going to be tested. I know things can go wrong, I've read the blogs and heard the reports but I don't think that's what I'm scared of. It's more a worry that we'll be freezing and exhausted and the others will wonder why on earth they are there and want to go home.

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