Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Back in the saddle

Yesterday was a good day for a run, as was Monday and my dogs are really enjoying the extra time out. The weights and resistance training is making a difference too as I went out with The Girls this morning and didn't feel my muscles being taxed at all. If that's just after 10 days then I am sure there is hope.

I've got my timings worked out for morning training too so I didn't have to get up till 3.20am this morning and still made it on time. It was a beautiful morning and the sun rose as we were on the second round. Ali took the racing cart out, it is very light and looks rather like a chariot, here she is coming out of the gloom

Here is the beast which the teams pull and is where my camera was found

They get very excited as they are being harnessed and my goal for next session is to be able to harness up a small team. I watched really closely today and I think I have got it - maybe I should borrow a harness and practice on Willow and Luna - they might get a taste for it.

Later I'll post the homeward bound journey - it was slow enough for me to be able to record a bit of video.

Monday - Banana, tahini and honey on oatcakes, chicken and alfalfa salad, Brie and toast
Tuesday - Tahini and marmite on oatcakes, rice with tuna and beet-root, avocado, tomato and mozzarella salad
No alcohol this week... so far!

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