Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Walking in the sand - it's just like snow, really.

Willow pretending to be a husky in the snow.

Everyone was a bit grumpy by the time we got to North Norfolk at lunchtime on on Saturday, so we didn't walk very far that day, we set off at about 3pm and walked out across the marshes covering about 4 miles.

Sunday was the challenging day - the sun and wind were both high, so we took the Norfolk Coastal path in and out from Stifkey to the Cley Swallows and back, a total of about 14/15 miles but it felt a lot further with the wind in our faces.

I've just noticed that I am not supposed to increase the length of the walk by more than 10% each day, does this mean I should be doing 12 miles today I wonder, if so I had better get back out there...

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  1. Woof! Sounds exhausting! But good for you! That should help develop those dogsled muscles! Ouch!