Saturday, 26 February 2011

Back in the swim

Now that the mornings are getting lighter it's been possible to start swimming again. In this weather I don't feel that it is prudent to swim alone and so I haven't been going for a morning dip because John and Denis have been going at about 8.45, which is too late for me. This week I managed to persuade them to bring swim time forward. It's been 4 weeks since I last swam and even though the water has now warmed to around 6 degrees, it's still a shock after such a long break. Yesterday was glorious, calm and almost sunny.

This morning was, however, a farce. It had rained all night, the wind was blowing so hard that we had to put stones on our towels to hold them down and the rain got us soaked before we even ventured into the sea, and yet the boys were still on flying form. As we undressed they sang at the tops of their voices, songs I knew existed but had never heard in this context - "I remember you-ooo" and something about the rain. Once in the current was strong, and I wimped out after about 2 minutes as I felt myself being dragged towards the harbour and panicked, but Denis and John tell me that the trick is just to go with it and off they went, floating for a bit, then swimming back. I shall endeavour to have the courage to do that next time.

I was hoping Andy would join us this morning but he didn't show....!

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