Friday, 4 February 2011

Thank you to Roman Hill Primary School

I've just returned from talking to the 300 or so children at Roman Hill Primary School who were very, very polite and well behaved. They sat quietly whilst we tried to get the projector to work (to no avail) and were very patient, considering that we ended up viewing all the pictures on my iMac screen. The children all asked great questions,  mainly about the dogs and the temperatures and some of them told me afterwards that they had watched the Human Planet episode on the Arctic, which had interested them.

One child asked which was my favourite dog and I know I'm not supposed to have favourites but I found myself saying 'Rune' straight away. I told them about his habit of hugging you first thing in the morning and explained that this was why I liked him best... everyone needs a hug at -40 degrees!

I have promised them that I will take a photo of Andy, who works at the school, in his swimming trunks in the Arctic and Mark has just sent me a picture of a beach ball which he is planning on talking with us. We thought that an Arctic calendar, along the lines of the ones that firemen do as fundraisers, might go down well. The boys had better remember to do a Gavin Henson and take their fake tan with them...

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