Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ice Music Festival

The BBC has been to visit this amazing festival, which is on my bucket list, and still is having listened to a report on the iPlayer:
"Every year on a frozen fjord in Norway, musicians gather under the full moon, and a canopy of Northern Lights, to perform ice music. Over a weekend, instruments are carved from blocks of ice, and music played in an arena of carved ice blocks to a well wrapped audience, who arrive on cross country skis. Sometimes standing in flurries of snow, sometimes in the light of flame torches, under the northern lights, they listen spellbound (and a bit chilly) to the magical sounds produced by instruments with a short life span - each one as unique and short-lived as a sandcastle."



As with the concept of the ice hotel, this festival takes from nature, makes music and returns to nature as the instruments melt.

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