Friday, 25 February 2011

Wine Tasting event success

On Wednesday night we held our fundraising event, hosted by Adnams Cellar and Kitchen Store in Southwold and although we have not done a final tally, we know that we raised around £850. Thanks to everyone for the support and especially to Jez at Adnams for their efforts.

The evening was a really pleasurable experience, even though it's hard to go to a wine tasting event when you are not drinking. I've done 51 days without alcohol so far, 49 to go and this was a real test. The raffle prizes were great and Abi, who was on our original team, won the magnum of champagne. Judging by her squeals, she was quite happy. As Jez picked the tickets out of the bucket it seemed strange that only our friends were winning and there was heckling from the crowd, especially my Mother. What I realised was that we were actually surrounded only by our friends, so their winning wasn't really that surprising, however Mother's heckling paid off and she won the second prize of the zinc planter full of spring bulbs.

We are now looking towards a fundraising event at the Co-op, more details later, and Mark's fitness event at Bannatynes. Following our experience working with Jez, we think there are opportunities to put on more wine themed fundraisers too.

Thanks again to Jez and the team.

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  1. I recently went to my friend’s wine tasting party at one of venue New York. There was glad to find different flavoured wine. Tasted almost all and found them very amazing. Planning to arrange a wine tasting party at home this month.