Monday, 4 April 2011

Feeling of goodwill

This morning the children and staff of Grove Primary School made me feel very welcome and I spent the morning there talking to 2 different groups, both KS1 and KS2 had great questions. The KS1 children were joined by the Nursery and they were all very attentive and a delight to talk to. We made a human thermometer and the Head teacher became 42 degrees below, he was very chilly. They will be having a fundraising, no uniform day for us, as will Northfield school, which I visited this afternoon. I'm hoping this will raise around £400 and the goodwill from the children and staff was so encouraging, although I am starting to worry that every time anyone wishes us luck they pre-empt their wishes with "Of course I think you are mad but..."

I also received a wonderful card from Ice Queen Annie today (thanks Annie) - it's going to be framed. We have never met in person but I feel as if we know each other very well as she is a very dear friend of my friend Jan, who has clearly described me in detail to Annie - her card shows a remarkable likeness.
She even has my fave Merrill boots on!
Our hero Milos featured in a programme on Channel 5 last week and I have only just found the chance to watch it, it's great and shows the dedication he put in to win La Grande Odyssee the first time he entered. The programme is still on the 'On Demand' part of the website here: Extraordinary Dogs

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