Friday, 8 April 2011

Munchy Seeds Sponsorship

We have been sponsored by the lovely folks and Munchy Seeds

These little packs of energy are exactly what we need to keep us all going on our long days and just happen to be rather delicious too, which is a bonus! Our supplies were delivered yesterday and I tried to take a picture of the packs, but a certain four legged person wouldn't get out of the way.


 The newest addition to the range are their Choccie Seeds, which have a higher calorie value than the savoury mixes and they come larger packs - I am already an addict. I was given some to try a couple of weeks ago as we thought we should put them in the freezer to see if they were OK at minus temperatures, but only half a pack made it to the freezer, in fact most were eaten in the car on the way home. 

We have the Chilli Mix for extra warmth, the Omega Mix for serious health benefits and now the Choccie seeds for extra energy. Each team member will be given their rations at the start of the route and it'll be interesting to see how they last, my money is on Gaynor's Choccie seeds being gone after day 2...

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