Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tuesday morning - from my iPhone

Regardless of the verycoldclaire tag it was a delight to be able to feel the sun on my face and the joy of warm toes and fingers made me realise that there is a possibility that we could actually be comfortable en route. Of course the temperatures will be much lower further north and they will drop at night, but it was a blissfully different experience from last year (we are not allowed to say 'last year' today, it's been vetoed)

We've just had the expedition food meeting and shopping trip. Very exciting. We have 5 camp days once we leave Soppero, tomorrow, where we will be using Per Nils and Britt Marie's facilities and I think the plan so far is the following:
Day 1 Lunch - niste which is Rob's term for take with you food and we will have pålegg (on bread things) as we will be tight for time. Supper - Miloš burgers (as in made by Miloš not of Miloš) and cooked on the new camp stove with potato in white sauce, this comes ready made and in a bag.
Day 2 Lunch - BBQ pork cutlets.
Supper - Gulaš (already made by Miloš)
Day 3 Lunch - hot dogs cooked in the tin. We tried these yesterday, quick and tasty, not sure about the nutritional value but needs must etc...
Supper - reindeer steaks on a BBQ grill type thing with something frozen and frozen mixed vegetables.
Day 4- today we are dependent upon our success with the fishing rods, so there is a plan B of pytt ypanne. We all got our fishing licences this morning, which came with a brilliant map of the area we will be covering. The hope is that we will get to the cabin in time for our rest day and catch enough fish to feed us all.
Gaynor and I are keen to have some fruit but Miloš say bananas are sensitive to the cold and go black too easily, so we bought pineapple chunks in tins and dried fruit as neither of us would naturally chose a menu of meat but we know we're going to need it. We bought the meat and fish from a huge truck, parked in Kiruna this morning.

Reindeer steaks

Then we went to the hypermarket for all the other supplies.

Now Miloš is packing up and once we've had Andy's delicious looking kebabs we are off to Soppero. Food sorted.

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