Tuesday, 14 September 2010

71 Degrees North - ITV

Ok, I'm hooked and may have to watch them all now... even if I'm not sure who half of them are. My money is currently on Michelle Mone, who is the only one who I know anything about and seems to have what it takes to deal with the trials of the show: how to get a flattering swimming costume to stay on whilst swimming in frozen fjords, not taking Shane Ritchie seriously, making sure the boys keep the tent tidy and smiling through hyperthermia.

According to ITV's controller, they are in "one of the most alien environments in the world" so how come it's where I feel so at home?

Hopefully we can capitalise on the success of the show to raise the profile of our own challenge to get more funds in for EACH. and funds are coming in again, so hopefully the site is fixed. Thank you Dom for your contribution, you appear to have gone to the Middle East to get away from Mertz, no need to get cold!


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