Sunday, 12 September 2010

They are all at it...

Vogue, Tatler, ITV, why has the Arctic suddenly become fashionable?!
Somehow I don't think our team will be looking quite as glamourous as this, or indeed the celebs on ITV's 71 Degrees North, who have (apparently) been struggling with their tinted moisturizer freezing. But I may only be speaking for myself, maybe the others have different plans, I know my main fashion statement will be trying to make sure that my long-johns stay up. Not having a telly I can't comment on 71 Degrees, but I'll check it out on the i-player this evening so that I can at least be informed bitchy, rather than just bitchy.

My recovery is going really well and this afternoon I walked to the sea and almost felt human. Hopefully by the middle of the week I'll be allowed to go to yoga (if you are reading this Anna - it is my aim to be able to do a standing up tree, rather than just lying in bed with my hands above my head). The first question my surgeon asked me was "Are you going back to the Arctic next year?" and when I told her that I had every intention of doing so she rubbed her hands and said "Well, I'd better get you better then, hadn't I?" Looks like she's done a pretty good job so far. The only set back so far is my own stupid fault as I put Germaline on the wound last night and I must remember to never, never put Germaline on a nasty wound, even if I am still fuzzy headed. It's gone a bit icky, but nothing too serious. Mertz is determined that I'll be swimming in the sea by the end of the week and that might do the wound more good.

My task for tomorrow is to investigate our fundraising site, I had problems trying to sponsor someone on the same site a couple of weeks ago and I've just had a friend let me know that the site crashed when she was trying to sponsor us today, so I hope it's not going to cause problems. Hopefully people will let me know if it's not letting them donate but there will, no doubt, be some who get put off at the first hurdle, which is very frustrating. All we can do for the moment is apologise and keep an eye on it. There is also a glitch with their widget, which won't let me attach it to this blog, hence the link below.

One of the team members is going to look at getting an outdoor clothing company to provide us with kit and someone who considered joining us may be able to help with military issue First Aid kits, I wonder if Channel fancy sponsoring our trip...

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