Monday, 20 September 2010


It's official, I am better. I have just been for a swim in the sea, and Mark (team member and fitness instructor) has approved my going to my first fitness class tomorrow.

We had a good 'team meeting' yesterday, with entertainment from Milo, Laura's dog, and tapas. Mark, Andy and Laura came over and we Skyped Rob to go through our fundraising targets and events. So far we are planning:

  • A children's activity day with power kiting and dance mat challenges (28th October at St Felix school)
  • Abseiling down Gulliver - the tallest local wind turbine
  • Pulling a fire engine through Southwold
  • Possible further kids activities, including a yoga session.
The East Anglian Arctic Challenge team who are going to raise £20,000 for EACH are:

Mark Nussey: Accommodation adviser and physical endurance expert who will be responsible for digging ice holes, setting up tents and setting our physical goals to prepare us for the trip as well as training us to pull a fire engine.

Andy Deacon: Head Chef, Children's Activity co-ordinator and Freddie Mercury impersonator. Responsible for menu plan, sushi making and providing dance mat instruction to Laura, Rob and I as well as attaching up to 40 children to power kites.
Laura "I'll have a little something in that" Neale: Dog Wrangler
Rob Bevan: Head Chef and designer. Responsible for menu plans and making us look good.

Ooops - I've just noticed that we appear to have 2 head chefs... that should make for an interesting trip.

The rest of the team:

Steve Hubble: Accommodation Supervisor and Entertainment manager, fundraising for his own local hospice. Responsible for Digging ice holes and pitching tents, with special responsibility for digging latrines.

Gaynor Leeper - Voyage Active: The Boss
Miloš Gonda: The "really" Boss (sorry Gaynor)