Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ice holes

Having watched 71 degrees North this evening I am beginning to have serious doubts about the whole sleeping in ice holes concept. Cosy? Yes, and practical too, but the idea of putting claustrophobic thoughts out of my head has been annihilated by the contestants and judges taking part, who said things like "ice tomb", "buried alive" and "danger of collapse". What am I thinking?! I don't fear the cold, the physical challenge of covering 60K a day, staying on a sled at speed or even my team mates' snoring, but I am terrified of confined spaces. I don't even use the tube for crying out loud. Lifts are a challenge for me.

I really hope the Mark and Steve, our ice hole diggers are good with "all things spadey", which was what Diarmuid Gavin was described as (and then swiftly got voted off). And I also hope that MiloŇ° remembers to pack the spades. Maybe we could build and igloo or even copy some of the Ice Hotel's ideas? Laura and Steve seemed to like the design last time.

I could live in this forever, I don't think I could live in an ice hole for one night.

I don't suppose having cold feet at this stage is allowed...?

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