Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Getting the body ready

Today was scheduled as a day of physical preparation for next week, but not in the way of exercise. Although I went for a run this morning as usual, I kept it short because it was icy and the last thing I want to do is fall. I do tend to fall a lot, in fact I am still cleaning the stair carpet from the tumble with the coffee cup.

The next part of the day was all about getting my body ready on a deeper level with a deep tissue massage from Anna Colman-Wilson, who I suspect may have magic coursing through her veins. I'm a massage junkie and have been pummeled in places that range from the high end spa to the deeply unsavory Thai finger clicker's huts, but I have to say that today's experience eclipsed the best of the best. The last deep tissue treatment I had in Maida Vale in the 90's kept me in bed for a couple of days, I'm sure this was partly due to the bollocking I got from the practitioner for my debauched lifestyle, but he did introduce me to skin brushing, so he wasn't quite the devil.

Anna is a friend. Having never been treated by a friend before, I was surprised at how much the level of trust I have in her made me able to relax and allow her to do her thing without my feeling any fear. Whilst I am not quite a wreck, there was a lot of work to be done and 2 hours later I floated out into a blizzard and have no recollection of how I got home. I then followed her instructions to the letter and ate a lunch of salmon with roast veg and anchovies (thanks to Abi for the recipe) and then took to the sofa for an hour. I honestly don't think I could have been of much use anyway as I hardly slept last night and so the massage and big lunch sucker punched me.

The weather continued to get colder and once the snow had stopped I took the girls out and visited Mother and the build, since then all I've able to do is listen to music and read Doris Lessing. Working tomorrow, so hope to sleep well.....

(news coming up about a new website for dog lovers)

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