Monday, 22 February 2010

Sami homestead

I am not sure whether my posts will arrive in sequence because this is the first real signal I have had, but we are now on day 4 and have arrived at the home of Per Nils and Brit Marie. Today was the first day that I really felt the cold becaue even though the temperature had gone up this brought a cold wind and some snow. It was our longest drive so far too, just over 40K. We didn't stop for lunch but kept going as the whether was drawing in. Gaynor is really a joy to have as our leader, she is calm and funny yet manages to keep us working without being bossy. Her father is with us too and they make a great team.
My dogs and I have developed a real bond since I have been on feeding duty! Rune is a real teenager, always wanting attention and messing about with his brother. Uno is used to me now and actually does shut up when I ask him too. They are the most rag tail team, not glam in any way, but they are amazingly strong and have such stamina that I have had to have the brake on all aftrnoon, which didn't help the feet. The drive was through much easier terrain today and I was able to experiment a bit, I could get used to this form of transport...
I know that I have benefitted from all the training and am really grateful to the guys at Voyage for sending the exercise manual as I would have really struggled if I hadn't been fit. It is very demanding, I think they should also send a list of brain training excercises though! Concentration is really hard when you are surrounded by such beauty. Twisting and turning through the forest at speed is exilerating but there is no time to stop and stare, maybe I'll come back on skis one day.
Following last nights accomodation this is total luxury. Per Nils cooked for us; minced reindeer from his herd of 5000 (we can't ask him how many he has ad that would be very rude) with spuds and wild lingonberries. Now I am sitting by the fire in a rocking chair covered in reindeer hides, with a glass of wine... And they said this would be a challenge?!

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