Sunday, 7 February 2010

Thanks for getting me over the target and beyond!

I've always had a problem with Dragon's Den speak and that whole "I'll give 110%" thing, but it was quite nice to see the figure come up on Justgiving. I suppose that I should change the target to £4000, but as Justgiving has a different way of accounting to the Dogs Trust, it has all become quite confusing. Justgiving doesn't count the Gift Aid in the total, presumably because I haven't raised that myself and the DT count the money they have cashed, so the figure will vary. My total comes from the online total raised + Gift Aid + the money I've sent in to the DT including my deposit to secure the place + the money in my bucket in the hall, giving a total of £4,328.59 today. SO.... thanks this week go to:
Lizzie Woodman
James and Sarah Long
Daniel Boase
The Button Family (again!)
Hugh and Sue Smiley
Katrina Young
Tony and Lydia Reed
Sarah McKinley
Warwick Comer-Stone
Sandie Tolhurst
June and Graham Ward
John Olivers
David Webb
Pam and Wally Webb
Mark and Mandy
Mary King
Anneke, Marcel, Sven and Iris
Mimi Merttens

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