Monday, 15 February 2010

Missing head torch!

I've been going through my check list and got the spare batteries for the head torch, but now I can't find it - this is a disaster! I had it the other day when I walked over the bridge to the pub....
Almost everything else is there, just some final sorting of clothes, which I am wearing as it is very cold here today. This is the non-clothing section, pre packaging removal:
There's a little extra in there, the Lovely Sarah came for supper and brought me a pack of mini Green and Black chocolate bars, I hope none of my team mates read this, or they could be gone on the first night! Also arnica lotion, tablets and massage balm, who cares if it's cool to knock homeopathy, my surgeon believes in arnica, and I believe in him.

The clothing section is getting there:

My old duvet boots should come in handy, as will my Fathers old balaclavas and neck warmers. I haven't put the hats out yet as they are also in use, and today star hairdresser Kayley gave me a hat-friendly cut - i.e. very short and spiky. I might spray this blue too.

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