Monday, 22 February 2010

Snow, snow and more snow

Posted by Mertz via text.

Two amazing days. It's -39C and so I am verycoldclaire, and shall be for a while, although last night we got the sauna going and that was a wonderful contrast.
I have an incredible team of dogs and wonderful team of humans to work with. Rune my lead dog is a real character and wants a hug every time we stop, Uno is on wheel and never wants to stop, he is in love with his wheel mate, Sara, who he keeps clean. Rune and his brother, Refat, throw themselves on their backs whenever we stop.
It is a challenge there's no doubt about it, but I am having the best time. This is not a first and last for me.

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  1. omg, you have my dogs! Isn't it great how Uno and Sara keep nuzzling when they run along? Such powerful hind legs :)