Friday, 19 February 2010

Greetings from Kiruna

A quick post to say that we are here safe and sound. We are about to fall into our bunks and will be lulled to sleep by the baying huskies outside our window. I've really lucked out with this team, great bunch of people, and our team leader is a star. She has just set off for a quick moonlit drive before turning in and I am slowly turning green with envy.
We are staying at the 'Musher's lodge' tonight and it is compatative luxury - we even get food cooked for us and don't have to wash up. In the morning we will be allocated our dogs and as we met most of them this evening I will be happy with whoever I get, they are all beautiful and full of spirit.
The route has been changed to give us an easy day tomorrow and a hard last day. A great decision. We need to be broken in gently after a couple of Aquavit and Jaegermeisters to steady the nerves and break the ice (metaphorically) this evening.
It feels as if we've fitted a lot in already today as we've had so much information to take in. Our local guide, Milos, has been very patient, as has Gaynor, with all our questions and I hope we are prepared. Only time will tell...

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  1. oh yay for an easier route to start with! Good to hear your team has gelled too :)