Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Kit List check

This evening was spent going through my kit list, as the January Sales are all coming to their final reduction stages:

Kit List 
8.1 Personal Equipment 
There are a few personal items, which will make all the difference to the enjoyment level of this trip 
because of the cold and the nature of what you are doing.  (Please avoid purchasing cotton clothing, as 
it won’t keep you warm if you get wet). Always remember when buying your kit cotton kills, wool 
wins!  An Arctic suit, mitts, hat and boots will be provided for you. 

Main rucksack or holdall that should not weigh more than 12 kg (please make sure it 
doesn’t have wheels, is around 40-45 litre and is a soft bag) and contain;  
 2 x thick wool long underwear, both top and bottoms are very important as they do keep 
you warm.  (got 2 sets but could do with another)
 Down jacket  (check)
 Fleece trousers or track suit bottoms. (check)
 A small towel and bathing costume for use in sauna or hot tub. (check)
 Several pairs of socks and outer thick socks that can be used for walking around the 
lodges/cabins. (check)
 A sleeping bag liner possibly made of fleece or silk will keep you much warmer at night.  (check)
 Sleeping bag - 4 / 5 seasons if you have one otherwise you will be provided with one. (hiring)
 2 x fleeces (one thick and one thin) or woolen jumpers (one thick and one thin).  (check)
 Waterproof / windproof (Gore-Tex) jacket to cut out the wind. (check but the team leader says we don't need it)
 Long sleeve tops (avoid cotton).  (need)
 2 x bin liners to line rucksack and put sleeping bag in. (check)
 Wet wipes for personal hygiene. (need)

Day sack / small bag to be kept at the back of the Sled for easy access (15-20 litre holdall); 
 Gloves  - 1 x waterproof hard wearing gloves (gardening gloves would be perfect) for 
feeding the dogs, 2 x thin woolen gloves are needed because you have to work with your 
fingers when putting the harnesses on the dogs.  1 x thicker pair to keep you warm when 
travelling.  You will be given over-mitts, but these are just to keep out the wind-chill.  (need thin ones)
 2 x 1 litre water bottle, plastic ones are better than the metal versions (may not be 
necessary on shorter trips) do not bring drinking systems as the pipes freeze in very low 
temperatures (check)
 Head torch - must be kept close to hand and you must know where it is. (check)
 Toilet paper.  
 Thin thermo hat to be worn under the fur hat provided. (check)
 Neoprene face mask  (need)
 Sun screen - minimum factor 15   (need)
 Lip salve. (check)
 Goggles are best, but good sunglasses can also be used if temperatures are not too low 
(n.b. in mid winter, un-tinted goggles are best).  (check)
 A warm neck guard and a balaclava - will help stop a lot of the cold air on your face (balaclava in hand, but need neck guard)
 Small waterproof bag containing; passport, airline tickets, credit cards and money.  (need - and need money!)
 Camera, lots of film memory cards and spare batteries.  (Manual camera, as back up, is 
recommended). (check)
My Mother is in charge of this:
Personal first aid kit to include all of the following; 
 Painkillers (paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen (400mg strength). 
 Antiseptic wipes. 
 Gauze pads  
 Crepe bandage 
 Zinc oxide tape, adhesive tape. 
 Moleskin and/or 'compeed' for blister treatment. 
 Imodium or Lomitol for diarrhoea. 
 Dehydration mix such as Diarolyte. 
 Small tub of Vaseline to put on lips at night if lips get windburn 
 Tweezers, scissors, safety pins (to be packed in the main bag and checked-in for flights). 
 If you take regular medication, please make sure you bring a plentiful, but reasonable 

So, just a few bits and bobs to sort out, and make sure I pack the loo roll!

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