Thursday, 25 February 2010

On our way home

It hardly seems possible that we are on the plane travelling home, the time has flown! Our last drive was the most challenging due to the temperature dropping even further, we woke shivering in -41 and even the dogs weren't keen on leaving their straw covered ice holes for breakfast. I began to lose the use of my hands during feeding time and Milos sent me inside. Frustration and pain brought tears to my eyes. Milos also made it clear that he was concerned about some of the dogs, preparing me to be ready to swap dogs around in case we needed to carry the tired ones who have lost so much weight during the trip.
The wind chill got to us and Paul and Elsie suffered more than most with cold injuries to their faces and necks, and they are on the first leg of their journey home to Durban, where it could be +40! It was only about 25k to get back to Musher's, but we stopped for a couple of photo ops. as we were confident of making it.
There were emotional goodbyes as we settled out dogs into their kennels for the night and made our way to our showers - such a treat to have hot running water - no more harnessing up in the morning...
The evening was spent celebrating our journey and Paul's birthday and then, as if just for us, the Northern Lights made an appearance, what an end to our Arctic experience.

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  1. Well done you! I'm really looking forward to your blog when you have time to put all memories down.The sun looked strong so which part of you got the suntan? Adorable dogs too. Any pix of Northern Lights? lol terrier.

  2. No part of me got the suntan... only my eyes were exposed.
    When I saw the Northern Lights I was too blown away to even think about photos, just stood there in - 40 with tears freezing to my face!