Monday, 15 February 2010

More news from the front

I'm following Carolyn's blog avidly, and whilst it is not exactly encouraging, it does give me a chance to prepare for the worst - I'm really grateful to her for posting and am not sure that I'll be quite as active on that front when my time comes. 

They have had a number of problems, not helped by the team being "the most emotional team to have done the challenge", in the words of their leader. The heavy snow fall has meant that the going is tough and they are finding it hard to get to the lodges on time as a result. Last night they reached the Sami homestead, which I am really looking forward to, but got there too late and exhausted to make use of the sauna. There have been tears and tantrums, which I am sure must influence the dogs' behaviour, and one team member was threatened with being sent home for not eating, we have to take on at least 3500 calories a day to keep our strength up, so that could be a serious problem.

I hate to say it but I think that we can learn from their experience, so thanks Carolyn!

Today is my big preparation day and my to do list is long:

Charge camera batteries
Buy spare batteries for head-torch
Buy juice booster for iphone
Buy heavy duty moisturiser and deodorant (not sure my gentle eco-friendly Weleda stuff is up to the job)
Check weight of kit and remove all packaging
Put everything into zip-lock bags
Collect krone from Post Office
Get hair cut into manageable, under-hat shape
Find swimming costume for sauna
Send off sponsorship money collected this weekend
Strength exercises

Also need to buy the following for the building project: loo, bidet, 3 sets of taps, 2 showers, 2 shower door units, wok burner, and check sizes of washing machines.

Better get on with it.

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